1. 3 Year Anniversary Vol.1

    €11.99 EUR

  2. JYR Package

    €19.99 EUR

  3. Unisex T-shirt


    €14.99 EUR

  4. Sport Bag

    €9.99 EUR

  5. Tote Bag

    Tote Bag

    €9.99 EUR

  6. Black Ducks Down EP

    €9.90 EUR

  7. Sopalin EP

    €9.90 EUR

  8. Wildente EP

    €9.90 EUR


Jean Yann Records Berlin, Germany

Jean Yann is an independent music label focused on electronic music.
Founded in Paris and based in Berlin, the label is home to djs/producers : Alex Daniell, Floxyd, Mad Shivers, Max Faudee, Philippe Autuori, Sunset, Tantra and Ted Warehouse. ... more

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